Chairman / CEO Message

We anchor productivity and efficiency in our values and we embed it in our business, to improve our ability to connect and respond in a changing world. Productivity, reliability and performance are key aspects of today’s business environment. Our products are precisely targeted to meet the needs of our valued customers. At Singer, we strive to engineer highest quality products and appliances for you to make lives easier. With the backing of experienced management of accomplished professionals, Singer has all the elements; technology, management systems, people and financial strength to become a leading appliances brand of Pakistan.

Our aim is to provide products to the market that are as per standards and trends. We care about our customers’ needs and we strive every day to bring products that satisfy our consumers. It is said that, future is for those who strive for it. We will always strive to do our best with the confidence that, through our efforts, we will make the future our own.

Singer Pakistan covers every small town and metropolitan city of Pakistan. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved in our diversity journey and we’re motivated by a strong sense of purpose for what is still to come. We believe diversity and inclusion strengthens us and we are committed long term to progress in our company and the communities we serve.